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Founded in 1991, China Yuan Wang Technique & Equipment Co. Ltd. was subordinated to the Commission of Science and Technology Industry for National Defence (COSTIND). The core business of CTC was focusing on the R&D of high-tech products as well as advanced defence technology and equipment.

In 1999, in response to the request of State Council, CTC experienced ownership changes and restructuring. Nowadays, the company becomes a subsidiary company of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation , with its core business focusing on R&D of Aviation and aerospace technology and equipments, technical modification of defence industrial enterprises, modification of precision instruments, integration of mechanical and electronic devices , supply of equipment in whole sets or spare parts, R&D and manufacturing of high-tech products. CTC is also involved in civilian projects, big progress has been made in areas such as real estate development, satellite communications, civilian high-tech products and capital operation, to name a few of them.

Currently, in the medical field, CTC is cooperating with Institut Virion Serion GmbH of Germany and Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd of Japan in developing and sales of diagnostic reagent and medical testing instruments.

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